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The controversial erotic novel that explores the dark power of obsessive love She is free and untamed; he is neither. With a simple glance, his image is cut into her. Between them develops an attraction that is irresistible, boundless, jubilant and destructive. Written from both lovers' perspectives, Landscape with Animals explores the lives of two ordinary people through an intense and passionate affair. But can desire ever really be suppressed, or forgotten? And what does it mean to love someone behind closed doors? Compelling, confronting, erotic, Landscape with Animals shows us the power sex has to express our identity, and sometimes to erase it. 'When I ask myself where I can find sustained high quality erotic writing, the best example that comes to mind is Sonya Hartnett's pseudonymous novel (as Cameron Redfern) Landscape with Animals.' Rick Gekoski, The GuardianИздательство: Virago

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