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This is a book about a friend of mine who loves Martial Arts, especially karate. Sensei Pete Ratcliff is the chief instructor at Miyabi-Ryu (Oldham) club. He started to take an interest in martial arts over 30 years ago in 1979. He went on to train in Shotokan Karate in 1984 under Sensei Fred Jones. Sensei Pete has trained with some great names in martial arts such as Andy Sherry, Charles Gidley, Jimmy Edwards and Frank Brennan. Sensei Pete joined the British National Team in 1986 and trained with them until 1990 successfully entering both Kata and Kumita competitions. Sensei Pete has explored other styles of martial arts such as Shukokai Karate, Thai-boxing and Kung-fu. Sensei Pete is currently studying Ju-jitsu under Sensei Andy Wilshaw. Sensei Pete has also trained with Grand Masters such as Jack Hogan, Joe Hess, Bill Thurston and other Masters such as Frankco Sanguinetti, Joao Fernandes, Toni Kauhanen and Sensei Dave Macintyre. Black and white interior photos.

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